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From simple direct root retained systems to the most complex hybrid and fixed bridge conversions, Rhein83 USA offers a comprehensive assortment of dental attachments best suited for your patients’ long-term oral health needs.


Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Bologna, Italy has for over 40 years designed and produced through its research and development department in cooperation with some of the most prestigious Italian Universities bring you a wide-ranging product line for removable and now fixed prosthetic solutions.

Simply stated, the OT Bridge System with thanks to the internal blind thread of OT Equator, allows the dental team repeatable and reliable protocols for converting existing implant-supported overdentures or direct immediate load treatment plans into fixed prosthetic dentistry.

As you look through our easy to navigate home page, you will discover products, a price list, a full catalog of images with step-by-step procedures, documented clinical articles, technical videos, and pre-recorded webinar programs for dentists and dental laboratories all within a few simple clicks.

Please take a few minutes to explore our site and the world of Rhein83 attachments.

OT Bridge

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OT Equator

For Implants

With a low vertical profile of 2.1 mm and a diameter of 4.4 mm, the OT Equator is the smallest attachment system on the market. This system offers multiple solutions for overdenture treatment planning when vertical space limitations are a consideration.

Available in two versions, castable and prefabricated titanium abutments which are compatible with any implant brand on the market and manufactured with cuff heights from .5 mm to 7 mm. Female caps are retained by means of stainless steel housing ranging in four levels of retention, making it easy to process at the dental laboratory or chairside in the dental office.

The unique design and exceptionally low 2.1 mm profile of the OT Equator 4-in-1 system provides exceptional stability and superior retention when compared with other attachment systems. Due to its lower radius, OT Equator is indicated to correct divergence up to 28 degrees between implants without affecting the functionality of the nylon cap. A complete line of OT Equator accessories and tools are also available.

ATTENTION: Where implant divergence exceeds the maximum 28 degrees, Sphero Block are recommended case plan options. Impants exceeding 30 degrees divergence Equator Smart Box housings are recommended treatment plan options 

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OT Equator For Implants
OT Equator SmartBox

This newly innovative interior design of the OT Equator standard stainless-steel housing offers multiple clinical advantages for a low-profile passive path of insertion when divergent or flared implants are presented.

The Equator Smart Box is engineered with a rotating Titanium inner liner providing a durable metal-to-metal core. Once activated, the system allows up to 50 degrees angulation correction between two implants, without loss of retention.

This is achieved thanks to the system's highly elastic assortment of color-coded female retentive caps. Smart Box Housings can be purchased individually and are available in a Smart Box cap assortment kit.

Equator impression copings, laboratory analogs, and tools can be found in our Parts - Price List. Access  the price list by clicking the button below

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Smart Box

For Threaded Equator

​With its 2.1 mm vertical height and 4.4 mm width the new OT Equator from Rhein83 USA offers the lowest profile and least overall dimensions of any overdenture bar attachment system on the market. Manufactured with a standard 2 mm threaded base, the OT Equator is indicated for CAD/CAM milled bars or in lab tap and thread applications. The titanium nitrate finish gives the attachment a smooth 1600 Vickers hardness, extending the life expectancy of the male and elastic female components.


Nylon caps are available in 4 levels of retention and easily maintained by the dental office. 

Black processing caps, stainless steel housings, impression copings, laboratory analogs and tools are also available.

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