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Dentist Chair

Welcome to Rhein83USA

Fixed and removable prosthetic systems and solutions for dentists and dental laboratories

Dental Attachments

We have been recognized as the world-leading manufacturer of removable prosthetic devices for over 35 years and continue to provide the dental industry with the most advanced solutions for today’s modern dental clinics and dental laboratories globally.

Rhein83 USA powered by American Recovery represents the essential distribution arm for the United States. Specializing in clinical treatment plan consultation, dental laboratory technical support, and high-quality personalized client services.


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Rhein83 USA

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Please call us at 877.778.8383 for item numbers and pricing.

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Rhein83 USA

Attachments and Pre-fabricated Castable Components
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Rhein83 USA

OT Equator Prosthetic Catalog
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Broken Screw Extractor Order Form

Rhein83 USA

OT Equator Educational Catalog for Dentists and Technicians

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