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The 3.0 diameter implant abutment series from Rhein83USA is available for the low profile OT Equator, Sphero Block and Sphero Flex overdenture attachments.

OT Equator System




Distal Extention Attachments


Castable Housings

Castable Vertical Attachments

Single Spheres


Overdenture Ball Attachments


Reconstructive Spheres


Castable Bar Attachments


Tools & Accessories

Bonding Material


Custom Fit Abutment Service

Rhein83USA's custom attachment abutment design service is ideal for matching and to reconstruct implant cases when there is little or no documentation identifying the existing implant fixture. This unique service enables the laboratory or dentist to ship the model or any part of the connection ie; healing cap etc. to the Rhein83 facility in Italy. There, the parts are scanned and reproduced to any size diameter with cuff heights from 1 mm to 7 mm using CAD/CAM technology. The implant attachment is milled, creating a perfect match between the new fabricated implant attachment and the original implant thread. Turn around time is 8 to 10 working days.


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