Reconstructive Sphere

Dental attachments, like most other mechanisms, are subject to wear and tear. Rhein83 USA produces spheres for restoring worn ball attachments which restore and stabilize the prosthesis in a single appointment. Reconstructive spheres are bonded over the worn ball restoring the attachment to its original size.

The Solid Reconstructive Spheres can be bonded to the inside of hollow attachments or those with a female ring such as ERA and CEKA.

Reconstructive Spheres can be used to repair various attachments available on the market. These attachments can be found in many types of prosthesis including overdentures, implants, roots and frameworks. If worn or broken, they cannot be repaired easily.

The Solid Reconstructive Spheres offer a fast and easy cost effective alternative, transforming a female ring attachment into a male Micro OT Cap attachment. This repair can be completed chairside in a single appointment.

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