Reconstructive Sphere

For existing cases with worn spherical attachments which no longer provide adequate retention, the DR8 Undersized Cap can be used in the early stages of wear of the male component. This elastic cap offers an inner dimension of 1.7 mm and 2.2 mm which is smaller than Rhein83 normal and micro size caps and can be used with standard Rhein83 stainless steel housings.

When ball attachments show excessive wear, the Concave Reconstructive Spheres are recommended as the best long term restorative option. The Concave Reconstructive Spheres restore the worn male to it's original size of 1.8mm, 2.2 mm or 2.5 mm diameter. Concave Reconstructive Spheres are manufactured with a Titanium Nitrite coating and are rated over 1600 Vickers Hardness.

The chairside procedure for using the reconstructive spheres is fast, easy and provides an economical alternative to replacing the old restoration.

DR8 Undersized Caps are available in 3 levels of retention for normal and 2 levels of retention for the micro size.

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