OT Cap Distal Extension


OT Cap is a resilient distal extension attachment. It is indicated to be used with combined prostheses and removable partial dentures.For treatment plans that require a rigid substructure with milling and adequate counter attachments, OT Cap functions as a stabilizing retentive connector. In addition, for treatment plans which require resiliency, OT Cap provides a "Cushion Effect" similar to a shock absorber. This is achieved by the design of the sphere in conjunction with the elastic retentive caps.

The design of the sphere with a FLAT head in addition to the spherical inner surface of the elastic cap, permits vertical movement during mastication. Rhein83 female caps are manufactured out of a special nylon material that remains stable and continues to function in the oral cavity over long periods of time.

The OT Cap Tecno consists of a titanium sphere and ring that is incorporated into the nylon cap which has been machined with a tolerance that assures high precision. While fabricating the prosthesis, the Tecno titanium sphere is not exposed to any of the risks associated with the laboratory fabrication procedures and ceramic firing cycles.

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