OT Strategy

OT Strategy is a vertical micro-sized 1.8 mm castable sphere that is placed distally on abutments for removable partials or utilized with implant bar combination case design. The male component is designed with an additional support strut located under the sphere, increasing strength and preventing rotation of the female cap during paralleling. The optional Steady, when connected to OT Strategy, provides lateral stability without any additional milling.

OT Strategy caps are available for both duplication and fabrication with stainless-steel housing technique. Rhein83 USA caps are manufactured in an elastic material that increases the contact zone with the sphere, giving mechanical and friction retention, and are color-coded with five levels of retention. Tools for paralleling, inserting, and removing caps are available.

The castable Steady is an optional conical shaped support intended for use in cases where milling is not performed.  Steady can be used with the OT Strategy Standard or Long base.

It is an object in line with the philosophy of the personalization of each single prosthesis and is used with both the OT Strategy bases; Standard or Long and offer various technical solutions.

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